No Contract For Purchase Necessary

We Buy Ugly Houses Dallas is an online network of residential real estate investors dedicated to helping people on their way to owning beautiful homes. We buy unsubsidized, rehab properties, townhomes, condominiums, multi-family units, vacation homes, foreclosure properties, mobile homes, agricultural properties, historic properties, tax lien properties, lease-option properties, bank owned properties, mobile homes, bank owned foreclosure properties, and more. We believe everyone deserves to live in a house that is comfortable, secure, and affordable. You may have dreams of being the next Robert Kennedy, but first you need to know how to become one!

No Contract For Purchase Necessary

“We buy houses “not with a contract for purchase or a buyer’s representative letter but right there under the sun, on the spot where the property is actually located. In other words, we buy houses at a fair cash offer value. This price is not set in stone. It is determined by an open market and negotiated in good faith between buyer and seller. We do not take credit for the final sale price, and we never plan on buying a house at fair market value it just is not our style.

“We buy homes “under market value” because we are always willing to negotiate and sometimes strike a deal even better than what you may have thought was possible. If you want to get a good deal on your Dallas real estate, we suggest using the services of a Dallas real estate broker who specializes in fair cash offer properties. Not all real estate brokers will do this, so use a broker who does, as it will save you time and effort. We can recommend to you a broker who will. Fair cash offer ugly houses Dallas style from the comfort of your home.

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