Real-Time Analytics For Online Businesses

Call tracking is a technique of determining how much phone callers visited your company’s phone line. It can also be used to determine where most calls are made from, which could be used for telemarketing efforts. Sales and marketing teams may utilize call tracking software to identify which callers originated call from. This information may prove to be invaluable in generating more business. Additionally, call tracking number can be programmed into advertising campaigns so that callers hearing ads are more likely to make a sale.

Using Google AdWords to Track Your Conversations

Real-time analytics of call performance is important when you want to get closer to your customers. Real-time analytics will show you how and where your customers visit your web pages or what they look at while browsing your site. These details can be combined with traditional metrics to determine where and how much traffic your web pages receive. With the information derived from real-time analytics, your internet site can be optimized to generate more sales and bring in more repeat customers. When combined with online marketing tools such as email marketing, you will be able to target your advertisements more accurately and hence, have more success with the targeted marketing efforts.

The analytics provided by call tracking software also provide marketers with valuable information on how users browse the web, where they look first, and the keywords they commonly use to find your businesses online. This information provided by this type of software will help marketers enhance their web pages to attract these prospective customers. Relevant keywords are more likely to result in conversions as these keywords have a higher chance of converting users into customers. Web marketers can also use the data provided from their analytics to create a database of high-converting web pages so that they can incorporate these pages in their promotional efforts. With this information, businesses will have the ability to reach more potential customers and thus increase their overall sales.

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