Top 3 Places to Put Stick On Tactiles

Although we’ve all seen stick on tactiles in stores and even had them in our very own homes, it seems that not a lot of people know how to use them, or even what the point of having a tac grid is. The truth is that the point of a tac grid is to allow you to place stickers wherever you want on your car without removing them. So where do you put them? In this article I’m going to show you the location of all the most commonly used places on vehicles for sticking a few sticky notes.

How to choose Top 3 Places to Put Stick On Tactiles

stick on tactiles


As you can probably already guess, the most frequently used locations for a the grid are the seats of our cars. This is because the placement of your car seats determines where your hands are most likely to rest when you’re driving, and therefore where you’ll be able to see a lot more clearly. The problem with sticking a bunch of sticky notes up on your dashboard or on your passenger seat is that they will be extremely visible, and if you are in a hurry for an important meeting or presentation, you’ll have to deal with people looking at your notes every minute. Although using a tac system on your car is great if you never plan to take it off your car (as it makes it incredibly hard to remove), it’s still a better idea to stick a few Tactiles here and there where you can be more aware of where your hands are.

Another great place for putting a few sticky notes is on street signs located near parking lots, shopping malls, and restaurants. Since parking lots and malls are generally covered with vinyl or other similar materials, saynotoplastictgsi really doesn’t do a good job of protecting your vehicle from road debris, and restaurants and other busy places tend to get a lot of traffic. You can also try putting your Tactiles up on the exterior of your building, since many building managers will allow you to do so. By placing a few in prominent places around your office building or business, you will be creating easy and unobtrusive reminders of your organization initiatives and thus increasing your company’s productivity and profit margin.

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